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Its bigger than a hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip.. [15 Oct 2001|11:02pm]
[ mood | Gangstah mode y0 ;) ]

all of yall need to go and get..

- Brotha Lynch Hung 'Return Of Da Baby Killer'
- Koopsta Knicca 'Torture Chamber'/'Ashes To Ashes'
- Tech N9ne 'Psycho Bitch'
- Bizzy Bone 'When Thugs Cry'

f0 shizzle
lol :x


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evil substance! [08 Oct 2001|05:05pm]
[ mood | Hungover ]

Why is it that when you have a killer of a hangover you always tell yourself you'll never get that drunk again, yet when it comes to the opportunity you realise you haven't learnt a thing and do it agin regardless?
Human beings really don't have a shred of intelligence to they?

- reaches for alka seltza -

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soon i'l be high [05 Oct 2001|12:22pm]
Hello journal readers!

I'm just about to go out and pick up some skunk off Dave (a friend of Ryan's)!
I figured that seeing as I've got no job, no university to attend and nothing to do I may as well blow what little money I've got right now and kill off some more braincells as I have no use for them right now!

I never actually bothered with this stuff untill i came here.
Although Ryan might seem to be quite the geek at first he actually has this side to him which doens't seem quite real.
DECISION: He's a bad influence... this relationship is better ended sooner rather than later!

That money thing is quite worrying actually.
I've used up nearly all of the money mom and dad gave me when I'm came to live here and I've only been here 4 months!

This house-share thing doesn't suit me too much either!
This might need some carefull thinking!

Any body looking for a nineteen year old female with no ambition, qualifications or skills requiring good pay to fund newly acquired drug habits and place to live.

Thought not.

- crisis -



good things come to those who wait! [05 Oct 2001|11:47am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

The guy, that guy, the guy that has the most intense eyes ever and this smile that's like... indescribeable!
Well HE called ME!
(excuse the repetition) HE CALLED ME!
He said he was calling to see if I was okay after my little scene at work today AND AND AND want's to know if I want to meet up for a drink sometime!

So somebody has a date tomorrow!

Only now I have to come up with a visable story to tell Ryan...

Any ideas?



unemployment [05 Oct 2001|11:17am]
Well today I quit my job
Like I -wanted- a career as a bleeding secretary
Let me consider that - Doesn't sound too appealing!

I did the whole dramatic film/tv thing too!!!
- go me -

I got so het up that I just stood up and turned round and went "I QUIT! GO STICK YOUR CRAP JOB WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE MR!"

Then I walked out feeling rather sheepish and ashamed of my poor anger management!

- oh well -

But as I was walking out of the office this guy that I'd had my eye on for a while grinned at me!

I got so flustered and embarassed I dropped all my lunch on the floor!

- ditz -

oh the tortures of Being Cait

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Paegan Love Song [05 Oct 2001|12:14am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Wow Im updating alot already
You'll all have to get used to it though because I get bored easily =D
That's why I got this journal..
I called Ryan and he was being a complete tosser so hmm. Maybe I'll split up with him, it wouldnt be so hard if he was ugly.
hahaha I'm so shallow =x
It's not like I'm the prettiest bitch alive
I need to be stoned right now, I dont feel comfortable in my own skin - sigh -



mustn't i forget... [04 Oct 2001|11:07pm]
[ mood | Fat ]

i'm also fat



First entry =D [04 Oct 2001|10:57pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I decided I don't like my nose

- That's all -

I'll go wait for Ryan to call now, although I'm pretty sure that I'll be waiting a long while. Stupid males!

Im Cait by the way
Nice to meet you?


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